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Dog Tear Stain Remover - Medipaws
Dog Tear Stain Remover £10.99
TRIPLE ACTION FORMULA - Effective Eye Wash Cleanser For Dogs That Helps Remove Eye Residue & Staining, Designed For All Dog Breeds. Specially designed to break down and remove stubborn stains around the eyes and mouth. GENTLY REMOVES DIRT, CRUST & DISCHARGE - Our mild, fragrance free formula gently loosens eye stains caused by excessive tearing, drawing attention to the natural colour of the coat, removing darker spots & uneven tones. PERFECT FOR DOGS WITH TEAR & BEARD STAINS - Designed to penetrate your dogs follicle structure and remove any existing eye, tear and saliva stains. Supports the prevention of new stains by removing the microorganisms that create them, naturally. CONTAINS ANTIBACTERIAL & ANTI INFLAMMATORY PROPERTIES - Our simple to use tear stain remover for dogs product is safe, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and hypoallergenic. Ideal for breeds prone to severe tearing and discoloration caused by mucous around the eye. SAFE, EFFECTIVE & EASY TO USE - Our easy-to-apply tear stain remover formula has been designed safely for dogs helping to remove tear stains. Perfect for breeds known to suffer from excessive tearing and stains caused by mucus build up around your dog's eyes and tear ducts.  
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Ear Cleaner for Dogs - Medipaws
Ear Cleaner for Dogs £11.99
POWERFUL EAR CLEANER FOR DOGS - Our unique, natural dog ear flush is a mild, deep cleaning formulation. It disinfects and soothingly assists with the loosening and expulsion of accumulated dirt and dog ear wax which can become a major source of irritation. CLEANS DOG EARS & REDUCES ITCHING - MediPaws Ear Cleaner for dogs reduces ear odor, removes earwax and dirt, while calming itchiness and blocks infection. Our special, naturally-formulated ear drops break down earwax and eliminate smelly ear odour. CONTAINS STRONG ANTI-INFLAMMATORY PROPERTIES - This product is made from all-natural substances with moisturising qualities that help promote healthy ears free from itching, dirt and earwax in the ear canal. With anti-inflammatory properties guarding the ear against irritation, inflammation, and dryness. PERFECT FOR DOGS WITH ITCHY EARS - The natural ear cleaner formula is infused with calming Bergamot which is uplifting while having antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties for the skin & ears. Providing gentle cleansing of the ear area. FAST ACTING AND EASY TO USE - MediPaws Dog Ear Cleaner gently washes and provides a long-lasting result with a deodorizing effect. The dog ear wax cleaner is fast acting, regular use will keep your dogs smelly ears clean and healthy.

Welcome to the Eye & Ear Care for Dogs category at Medipaws, a dedicated space for maintaining your dog's eye and ear health. Our range is crafted to address common issues such as ear infections and tear stains, ensuring your pet's comfort and well-being.

1. Comprehensive Ear Care for Dogs

Our Ear Cleaner for Dogs is a powerful yet gentle solution designed to clean and maintain healthy ears. It effectively removes ear wax, dirt, and reduces itching. Infused with natural ingredients like Bergamot, it offers antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, making it ideal for dogs prone to itchy ears.

2. Effective Tear Stain Removal for Dogs

The Dog Tear Stain Remover in our range is specially formulated to tackle tear and beard stains. It gently removes dirt, crust, and discharge around the eyes, restoring the natural colour of your dog’s coat. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties ensure safe and effective cleaning.

3. Safe and Natural Formulations

At Medipaws, we are committed to using safe, natural ingredients. Our products are free from harsh chemicals, making them suitable even for the most sensitive dogs. They are hypoallergenic and designed to provide gentle yet effective care.

4. Ease of Use and Efficiency

Understanding the need for convenient pet care solutions, our products are fast-acting and easy to use. Regular use of our ear cleaner and tear stain remover ensures long-lasting results, keeping your dog's ears and eyes clean and healthy.

In summary, Medipaws' Eye & Ear Care for Dogs category offers effective, natural solutions for your pet's ear and eye health. With our commitment to safety and ease of use, you can ensure your dog remains comfortable and free from irritation, contributing to their overall health and happiness.