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Salmon Oil For Dogs from £9.99
NO MORE ITCHY, DRY SKIN & SCRATCHING – 100% Pure Scottish Salmon Oil For Dogs Is An All-Natural Fish Oil Treatment Proven To Help Pets Of All Sizes Treat & Relieve Scratching, Itchy Skin, Ears, Paws & Hydrate Dry Skin (No Need for Sprays or Creams) SOFT GLOSSY SILKY SHINY COAT – Powerful & Proven Omega 3 6 9 Fatty Acids Which Helps Promote A Soft Glossy Silky Shiny Coat While Supporting Overall Health & Wellbeing. Help To Reduce Moulting & Shedding Hair, Great For Small, Medium & Large Pets SUPPORTS DOG JOINTS & IMMUNE SYSTEM – Rich In Fatty Acids Which Support Joint Health & Function, Reduce & Ease Stiff Joints. Keeping The Heart & Immune System Healthy (Works Well with Turmeric, Glucosamine & Green Lipped Mussel Joint Supplements) QUICK, SIMPLE, EASY TO USE & MESS FREE – Drizzled Over The Top or Mixed Directly Into The Food, The Mess Free & Easy To Use Leak-Proof Pump Dispenser Means You Can Forget Using Salmon Oil Capsules & Pump Directly Into Your Dog’s Food, Quick & Easy! 100% NATURAL & CRUELTY FREE – Ethically Sourced, GMO Free, All-Natural Sustainable Ingredients To Boost Your Dog’s Overall Health & Wellbeing Safely With No Added Colours or Artificial Flavouring.
Natural Shampoo for Dogs - Medipaws
Natural Shampoo for Dogs from £12.99
SHAMPOO FOR DOGS WITH ITCHY SKIN - Our unique 2 in 1, natural dog shampoo is a mild, deep cleaning formulation. Leaving a clean, silky coat while protecting sensitive, dog itchy skin. SUPPORTS HEALTHY DOG SKIN AND COAT - Mild baby fresh dog shampoo has been specifically created for dogs to clean, deodorise & condition. Using a built in conditioner and pro-vitamin B5, this helps to keep your dog’s coat beautifully clean, healthy & silky smooth! CONTAINS STRONG ANTI-INFLAMMATORY PROPERTIES - This product is made from all-natural substances such as aloe barbaensis leaf juice which moisturises, is anti-bacterial and contains many anti-inflammatory properties making it a potent ingredient for healing wounds, supporting dehydrated dog skin and guard against irritation, inflammation, and dryness in the dog's coat. PERFECT FOR DOGS WITH SENSITIVE SKIN - The natural dog shampoo formula is infused with a ‘Puppy' scent for a fresh smelling coat. Suitable for all breeds. Mild yet deep cleaning action that removes dirt and odour without stripping the coat of its essential oils. Helps to reduce irritation on sensitive dog skin. EFFECTIVE AND EASY TO USE - MediPaws Baby Fresh Shampoo gently washes and provides a long-lasting result with a deodorizing effect. Its easy rinse formulation keeps washing time to a minimum, while the built-in conditioner and Pro-Vitamin B5 help to improve the health, strength and condition of your dog's coat.  
Baby Fresh Cologne For Dogs - Medipaws
Baby Fresh Cologne For Dogs £12.99
LONG-LASTING BABY POWDER SCENT - Our Fresh Baby Powder Scented Dog Cologne has been specifically formulated to neutralise odours with long lasting effect. Infused with Aloe Vera to condition your dog's coat. SUPPORTS HEALTHY DOG SKIN AND COAT - MediPaws Baby fresh dog fragrance has been designed for dogs to help freshen, deodorise & condition their coat. Infused with moisturising Aloe vera, vitamin E and pro-vitamin B5, this helps to keep your dog’s coat smelling fresh, healthy & silky smooth! ELIMINATES SMELLY DOG ODOUR - This product is made from all-natural substances that combat smelly dog odour. Our double action formula functions to refresh and deodorise the dogs coat with long lasting baby powder/talc fragrance. PERFECT FOR TRAVELLING & IN BETWEEN BATHS - A use of natural ingredients ensures a silky finishing to their coat. The leave-on spray helps to reduce odour by combating it at the source, guaranteeing freshness between baths and while traveling! EFFECTIVE AND EASY TO USE - MediPaws Baby Fresh Fragrance gently freshens the coat scent and provides a long-lasting result with a deodorizing effect. Can be used on wet or dry fur, the natural aloe vera & Pro-Vitamin B5 help to improve the health, strength and condition of your dog's coat.

Welcome to the Skin & Coat Care for Dogs category at Medipaws, where we are dedicated to nurturing your dog's skin and coat health. Our range is specifically formulated to address common skin and coat issues, ensuring your dog looks and feels their best.

1. Nourishing Dog Supplement for Skin and Coat

Our Salmon Oil for Dogs is a prime example of our commitment to natural care. This 100% pure Scottish Salmon Oil is an all-natural treatment for itchy, dry skin and scratching. Rich in Omega 3, 6, 9 fatty acids, it promotes a soft, glossy, and shiny coat while supporting joint health and the immune system.

2. Gentle and Natural Dog Shampoo

The Natural Shampoo for Dogs in our range is a mild, deep cleaning formulation, perfect for dogs with itchy skin. Infused with natural ingredients like aloe barbaensis leaf juice, it has potent anti-inflammatory properties, offering a soothing, moisturising effect and leaving your dog's coat clean, deodorised, and silky smooth.

3. Refreshing and Deodorising Dog Cologne

Our Baby Fresh Cologne for Dogs complements the shampoo perfectly. This cologne, with its long-lasting baby powder scent, is designed to neutralise odours and leave your dog's coat smelling fresh. Infused with moisturising aloe vera and Pro-Vitamin B5, it supports a healthy, silky smooth coat.

4. Safe and Natural Ingredients

At Medipaws, we use only ethically sourced, all-natural, sustainable ingredients. Our products are free from artificial colours and flavourings, ensuring your dog receives the best, safest care.

5. Convenience and Ease of Use

We understand the importance of easy-to-use pet care products. Our range is designed to be quick, simple, and mess-free, making regular grooming a hassle-free experience for both you and your pet.

In conclusion, Medipaws' Skin & Coat Care for Dogs category offers everything you need for your dog's skin and coat health. From nourishing salmon oil to gentle shampoos and refreshing colognes, our natural, effective products ensure your dog's coat is always in top condition. Choose Medipaws for a holistic approach to your dog's grooming, combining safety, quality, and effectiveness.